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Polishes What makes GLOS polish so fantastic? In an industry where products are over-priced, over-promised and under-delivered GLOS strives to deliver outstanding results without the frilly packaging, hype and heavy pricetag. Our polish is hand mixed from the highest quality imported ingredients to ensure the result is super shiny and fast drying. More importantly it STAYS ON! We've been trying out our polishes for years in our own salons, on our most critical market - nail technicians themselves. We have over 60 polishes in our range from the absolutely timeless classics to the most up to date 'it' colour. Developed in Melbourne you can choose from iconic Melbourne landmarks and streets such as The Tan, Luna, Acland, Bolte, Greville and Federation.

West Gate Fast Dry Top Coat
This top coat dries in 45 seconds! This protective coating prevents chipping and re-vives old polish. It also contains a UV protectant to prevent discolouration.

Loop Base Coat
The classic clear base coat to ensure maximum adhesion of your polish

Flinders Ridge Filler Base Coat
The ultimate base coat reduces natural nail ridges and imperfections for the most flawless manicure ever!

GLOS Strengthener
Superior nail treatment to harden and strengthen natural nails. Prevents peeling, splitting and chipping. Exactly what you need to get your nails looking gorgeous.

Triple Phase Cuticle Oil
The only cuticle oil on the market with a unique roller ball system that allows perfect application with no mess. In three varying strengths for Sensitive, Normal and Damaged nails. Use it to eliminate dry cuticles, hang nails and to stimulate healthy growth.

Fast Action Non- Acetone Polish Remover
This remover is so efficient! It's what we use in our salons! Breath easy - it's acetone free to care for both your natural nails as well as gel and acrylic extensions.

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