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Tips from the Experts
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Acrylic and Gel Enhancement Tips from the Experts:
Make sure you come back for your first infill in 2 weeks.
When you have nail enhancements applied for the first time they tend to get knocked around a bit whilst you ?re getting used to them. By not leaving it too long for your first infill we can correct any possible damage. This also gives you a chance to shorten them if they are too long or change the shape if you don ?t like it. If you are a nail biter we recommend you come back after 10 days as your nails will grow a lot faster and may be prone to more breakages initially.

Look after your cuticles
We advise you use a cuticle oil to ensure your enhancements look as great as possible. This will prevent any dry, rough cuticle and will encourage flexibility in your nails.

Don't pick or play with your enhancements
Remember that your enhancements are not indestructible so you need to look after them. Don't go opening cans of drink with them or using them as tools around the house. Constant picking at them will result in lifting or beakages.

Use a Top Coat in between appointments
Applying top coat polish every 4 days will ensure your polish always looks brand new. It can also help to prevent any chipping on a permanent French finish.

Have a Buff and Polish
If you have an occasion to go to and you're not due for your infill have a buff and polish instead. We will reshape the nail, remove any growth mark around the base of the nail and repolish. This will give you that freshly done look in 20-30 minutes and keep you going until your next infill.

Wear Rubber Gloves
We recommend you wear rubber gloves at home when using cleaning products as the chemicals in these products can harm the strength of your enhancements.

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