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Tips from the Experts
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Post Manicure Tips from the Experts:
Use Top Coat to make your polish last longer.
Apply our GLOS West Gate Top Coat the day after your manicure and every second day. This will make your manicure last much longer and makes them look shiny and new. Our top coat dries in just 45 seconds so you can paint it on and run!

Look after your cuticles Use Triple Phase cuticle oil religiously!
We advise to apply it 3 times a day. Our oil comes as a simple roll-on so you can just keep it in your handbag, car or office desk. Cuticle oil helps to grow healthy nails, keeps hangnails at bay and reduces ridges on the nail.

Keep a nail file on hand
As manicure files cannot be properly sterilised we will give you the file we use in your manicure to take home with our compliments. Keep it nearby to file any broken nails straight away.

Protect your polish Make sure you use gloves when washing up or using cleaning products as this can cause polish to peel and lift.

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